Realm of Insanity

Broken Mirror Completed

TBM Final

Hello everyone!

The sky is blue. Water is wet. I have amazing Photoshop skills ( see above ). Our website updates always come late. And another obvious statement we can make, and have been making, < Realm of Insanity > defeats another expansion first. This makes an unprecedented seventh expansion in a row for < Realm of Insanity >. Tic Tac Toe seven in a row.

Now lets get serious for a minute. While raiding is still my favorite thing to do in this game, this expansion wasn’t without it’s faults. The Broken Mirror was definitely an appropriate name for the expansion, as a majority of the expansion was, you guessed it, broken. Tier 1 raid Vim and Vigor was giving some guilds a double lockout if you did not kill the bosses in the correct order ( We avoided this ). Tier 2 raids Stem and Tide and Grummus did not even give keys ( We did not avoid this, it was patched quickly though and fixed ). And tier 3 raid Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls which drops 2 of the absolute best augs in the game, would have the augs poof and disappear due to another bug. ( We lost 14 augs total due to this or other various bugs )

Bugs have always been a part of the raiding game, this was not unexpected, and certainty did not make anyone upset. If you haven’t played Everquest in awhile, you’re probably thinking ” Big deal bugs happened all the time when I played too, the GM’s would just fix the double lockouts, or hand you the keys you didn’t get, or just award the missing augs to the appropriate person. ” Well that Everquest was in the past, the new Everquest Customer Service works a little more like this:

( Actual GM responses )

“Greetings Qulas,

This is GM Dunbar. Unfortunately, we are no longer assisting with ungranted raid currency or flags. We do not have the capacity to grant entire raids flags and rewards. You will need to repeat the raid in order to gain the currency and rewards that it grants. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.”

“Hello Qulas,

This is GM Woebot. Thank you for updating your ticket. We are aware of this issue, however, as this pertains to new content we will be unable to grant items if they are not being awarded. This issue will need to be corrected on a global level, and we will be unable to grant items to individual players. Though we used to be able to assist with issues like this in the past, we no longer have the resources to do so.”

Notice their suggestion was to repeat a raid that we have a lockout on, and to basically go away if any of your problems have anything to do with new content. What exactly do Everquest GM’s do now-a-days then? No idea. Daybreak’s policy change regarding what customer service can actually assist with is a downright slap in the face to all Everquest players. I’m sorry we’re not playing H1Z1, but we still deserve actual customer support.

My biggest gripe with this expansion however, would be instead of this being Everquest, it was Lockout-Quest. I hope that the next expansion focuses more on which raid force is actually better, instead of which raid force has enough people who are jobless or with time off available to log in at 7 AM on a Tuesday. This expansion was by far the closest one yet, and a big kudos goes out to our competition who really pushed us this year.

Here’s a picture of us on a boat with T-pain and we’re wearing flippy floppys. Wonton fucked a mermaid.


The < Realm of Insanity > machine is currently recruiting, if you’re interested in joining the best guild in Everquest make sure to check our recruitment forums. If you are interested in joining don’t hesitate to contact Qulas, or any of our fine officers ( Aldryn, Fllint, Illa, Shennron )

We are currently looking for the following:

  • Bards
  • Druids