Realm of Insanity


They say you aren’t really a champion until you defend your title. They say true champions step up when the pressure is on. There is no better word to describe <Realm of Insanity> then to say that we are champions. With pressure bearing down on us from every direction and the desire to repeat as #1 guild in EverQuest RoI stepped up to the occasion and delivered on Thursday night, becoming the first guild to defeat the House of Thule expansion.

I can’t even begin to count how many people told us that we could never achieve this. It started years ago on the EQplayers boards when the current top guilds were telling us that we were only doing well because we had full strats and once we caught up to them we would be nothing. Or during HoT when we were behind in the race roughly halfway to the finish line. Well guess what, they were all wrong. The other guilds thought they had us beat, but we all knew we would find a way to win, because that’s what winners do.

The passion and heart of this guild is unrivaled, and I am honored to say that I have been a part of it. Every member of this guild past and present has contributed to our success. We worked together as a team and proved everyone wrong. There is nothing sweeter than making your rivals eat their own words.

The RoI anchor has now been firmly planted and defended on top of the EverQuest world, don’t expect to see it move anytime soon.

And remember kids, if you ain’t first, you’re last, skeet skeet.