Realm of Insanity

Faydwer has lost a few of its secrets.

After Slaying both Mayong and Solusek the Realm of Insanity took a week or so off from normal scheduled insanity and began the grind to 80 and to get our essential AAs done. Fast forward 2-3 weeks and the Realm has defeated not one, not two, not three, not even four, but all 5 of the bosses involved with Mansion flagging, we’ve currently got 3 kills of each 5 mobs under the belt and are a week or two out from beginning Mansion raids. We’ve gotten a lot of loot, a few wipes here and there, and even some freak deathtouchwallâ„¢ accidents. We also managed to take out bimbalicious and the first two bloodmoon keep raids making us an official tier3 guild with bimb down. This week we will continue farming solteris, sof, and whatever else gets in our way.  Starting with this news post there will also be theme songs for updates, this update’s themesong is Total Eclipse of the Heart by the Dan Band.

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There’s various reason why this track was chosen, but I won’t go into explaining them. And now for this weeks random tells and severwides(I missed a lot of serverwide screenshots cause I did get over it.)

1 Magician
1-2 Bards
1-2 Clerics
1 Rogue
1 Druid (Possibly)
Someone for Bigpop to be friends with