Realm of Insanity

/snore RoI rapes the land again

Day 4 of PoP, RZtW dead – Day 6, Fenin falls – Day 8, Xegony gangbanged – Day 10, Coirnav executed – Day 12, Avatar of Earth conquered. There has never been in the history of EQ, decimation on this grand scale.



I could go on, extolling our domination but really it’s just plain obvious. It will take a few weeks to gather all the breastplates for Gates of Discord, but rest assured we’ll be unlocking that expansion as soon as possible. Maybe some guilds might even help us gather a few? I’m sure we’ll see you guys in Plane of Time some time in 2007!

We are so damn elite!

Oddly enough people think that RoI is a hard guild to get into, that’s really not the case at all. If you possess a few key attributes it’s very very easy to join us. To become an app, and eventually a full member, you have to #1 NOT be a jagoff, #2 be a class we are recruiting, #3 know not to talk your mouth in guild chat when everyone is getting to know you. (That last one is so simple yet many an app has gotten booted because they do not know when to shut the fuck up! If your name is on every other line in guild chat as an app, you will be asked to gtfo.)

That said, we are looking for a few good recruits! After you destroy an expansion and wait for the next, people tend to lose interest, specifically our clerics! We are looking to recruit 2-3 HIGH playtime clerics and 1-2 HIGH playtime paladins. Honestly, if you play 5-7 days a week for raids, loot will be flowing your way! (We already have to yell at people for not asking for loot on our VT trips!) If you are a cool guy/girl, you will be a perfect match for us, plus you’ll attract the interest of our Lukrathien, just hide the children. The key thing here is HIGH playtime and dedication, gear is trivial and we are overwhelmed with it. Recruitment isn’t closed for other classes, but we are more selective there! If you have high playtime, know how to play your class well, and are laid back we’d invite you to apply to us! Click the apply button in our toolbar to head to the recruitment forum.

Here’s some loot from the last few days!