Realm of Insanity

EQ Penis is so damn huge… Knocked over a vase…


You’re Welcome.

How close are we to Omens?


This fucking close.

Almost time for the Omens of War…


Now, this shithead hits like nothing else, in fact no guild in the history of EverQuest has ever killed him while still in Gates of Discord. It may take a bit, but be rest assured he will be face down and we will be the first. We can do it with your help, recruitment is open to almost all classes, if you are interested please head to our forums.

High Priest Muram Tunat Tkarish Pixtt Aneuk



Again, most recruiting is closed except for a few clerics, 1-2 beastlords and 1-2 enchanters. If you desire to join us in leading the server head over to our forums.