Realm of Insanity

2 weeks later… some guilds have died, others rape the land.

2 weeks later what do have to show for ourselves? Nothing really… unless you count the first single tanking of AoW pre-luclin, the death of all 4 warders (though not at the same time… YET!)
I’m proud to say that Realm of Insanity has dominated this expansion, we can count the number of raid mobs we’ve NOT killed ourselves on 2 hands. P.S. Dozekar is a worthless piece of crap he certainly doesn’t count! I thus present to you, a collage of our spoils and adventures.



And of course, we all love the phatties, here’s what screenshots I’ve actually been able to take… we’re missing probably 60% of what we’ve killed in the last 2 weeks, but it is good enough.



Our noob of the week has a great drawing to illustrate his sadness. For those out of the loop, you will keenly notice that we’ve not killed a single Kunark mob since Velious opened, this chap seems to have his pants all a flutter nonetheless.


And people always ask us, how are you guys so awesome, why do you rape every mob multiple times and steal all thier weapons?

It’s easy:
#1 We never ever mess up, even our hair is nicely done at every raid.
#2 Our guild leader gives helpful, encouraging advice, encouraging a pleasant care-free environment. thx asshole…
#3 Our other officers don’t do much except participate in thier favorite activities: Beastiality, Pedophilia, and /wrists.



Why doesn’t RoI update their damn website…? We’re busy killing shit!

There isn’t much to kill in Kunark ladies, updates are not needed I say! Now, we finally have something worthy of an update! The end goal in the meantime has been our friend Vulak`Aerr. In his short lifespan here’s the best portrait you’ll get before the storm.


Serverwide first of his slaying; It seems however, not everyone was happy about the death of sir Vulak…



That’s not even a good enough insult! I ask all you young warriors out there to fling something more caustic, our screenshot keys are itching to go! Any insult making fun of Lukrathien scores extra points.

We’ve been on a rampage! Most everthing that was alive… now isnt! Behold the glorious money shots of a few dead critters of Norrath. Statue, Sevelak, Cekenar, Vindi, Sontalak, Eashen, lots of drakes, wurms and asshole guild members that don’t turn off attack on enrage… all DEAD. For your enjoyment you can clearly see the color of dragon that was killed in the loot shots, aren’t they beautiful?


And we could never have done it without the support of our lovable leader, always there to bring us up when we’re down, our bubble of joy and fluffy bunny extraordinare…