Realm of Insanity

Sisters down in Solteris More on News at 7:00

After a few weeks of gearing up new apps and a few nights of one shot attempts at sisters the Realm of Insanity finally bowed the neck and went in for the kill. Mayong’s Mistresses fell to our might and thanks to pro looting by yours truly we’re one throatslitter stronger. More news to follow as we plow onward in the coming days and weeks.



2 Wizards

1 Amazing Enchanter

2 Shamans

1-2 Rogues

1 Necromancer

If you are looking to apply to Realm of Insanity please check out our app requirements in the forums and contact Sanq, Bigpop, Atnuob, or Shennron in game. Also keep in mind that being solteris flagged when apping or having some of your solt flag completed is a major bonus.

P.S. Bosey quit being a douche.