Realm of Insanity

Number 1… and Number 2?

Legit question.  If one guild gets the serverwide first AND second kill on a event does that make them the first and second best guild in EQ?  What about if you do it with a raid of less than 54 people on the second kill?  If you have an answer to these questions then please PM me on the forums, because ever since <Realm of Insanity> defeated The Beast Below last night for the second time I’ve been trying to figure them out.

So now, for the next few weeks, we get to farm ourselves some more Coins of Brell and celebrate the New Year with a new tier of raids to destroy.  If you want to be a part of this domination then send a tell to Qulas, Swag, or Gindainy as soon as possible.  Currently we are looking for wizards, but we can always make room for exceptional applicants of any class.

Here’s some pics of the sweet uber loots we got from our second Beast kill and The Unburrowing earlier in the night.  Fuck Monks.





The First of Many

The title of this post is in reference to two things.

1) Tonight <Realm of Insanity> became the first guild serverwide to defeat The Beast Below raid in Cooling Chambers.

2) This serverwide first we achieved tonight was our first as a guild, and trust me there will be many more to come.

We couldn’t have beat this fight without some legit teamwork from everyone in the guild.  I’d like to thank everyone in the guild who helped make this possible.

Quick side track for recruitment, then I’ll get on to the pictures.  RoI is currently looking for Shamans, Wizards, and Warriors.  If you play one of these classes and are interested in being the best, then please send a tell to Qulas, Swag, or Gindainy as soon as possible.

And now, here are the pics.






front page dec21

Another one bites the dust

This is <Realm of Insanity> and this is how we roll.


1 day worth of attempts on The Unburrowing and the next thing we knew, we had a chest.  Some legit work from everyone in our guild was all that we needed to make this into another encounter that fell to RoI in a single night.  Gratz to everyone who was involved and expect to see a game-wide first victory in the near future.





So far so good

One day of Underfoot raids down, one new encounter defeated. Fippy Darkpaw is back in Qeynos where he belongs now, tormenting noobs. For a minute, we were all thinking this might be SoD 2.0, after we beat this encounter on our very first try, but after exploring some of the other raids we actually met a mob that took more than 3 tries, so that right there made it harder than SoD. Stay tuned for more RoI victories in the near future.