Realm of Insanity

Calculating Route to: Second Place

Instead of documenting a play-by-play of our entire Tier 3 experience that’ll make your eyes bleed, we’ll just leave you with this. Hopefully it helps guilds find their way to Close the Gate!


Cheers to all guilds that completed (and will soon complete) TOL! Well done!

We Miss You, Mearatas…

This is an update. This update is late. It’s late by about two years. Quarken would be so, so proud.

Unfortunately, everything since Mearatas has failed in comparison so there wasn’t much to update you about. It also doesn’t help that I’m pure trash at updates! So until Quarken returns OR until someone else does it better, y’all are left with this: click.

And this. Just couldn’t wait to tell the world!


Also, we’re recruiting! Think you have what it takes?

The Burning Lands: CONQUERED!



This extraordinary win never would’ve happened without the teamwork, dedication, perseverance, and skill of our members raiding lockouts. Fantastic work, RoI!

Ring of Scale: Conquered!



Not so surprisingly, this update is late as fuck and Realm of Insanity has conquered Ring of Scale with (yet again!) unprecedented speed. We’re trucking along quite nicely, and there’s nothing left to do but rake in that sweet, sweet farm loot!


EverQuest: Installment #25 will be here before we know it! If you’d like to experience the rush of completing an expansion before anyone else and be a part of a raid roster with unmatched skill, check out our recruitment forums! If you’re a dedicated and knowledgeable player, we want to hear from you!especially if you’re a Shaman!