Realm of Insanity

Violence Has Arrived



Yo everyone. Even though we haven’t had a website update since ‘nam, this one will be short and sweet. Today, the much anticipated Part 2 or is it Part 3? Maybe it’s Part 1C…whatever it is: Call of the Forsaken, Part something, wait; Tier 2! Yes, Tier 2. Tier 2 of the legendary Call of the Forsaken expansion came out today and promptly got it’s shit pushed in. This content release allows us to adventure into the Tower of Rot, a zone seemingly named for the loot it produces. I want to congratulate all m’niggas for smashing and bashing Lord Kyle Bayle and his team of undead flunkies mere hours after expansion launch or whatever it is you call it these days; expansion trickle.
Putting him in an oblong box tonight gave Realm of Insanity it’s 7th straight game-wide #1 finish in EverQuest. The Big Red machine just can’t be stopped. The event itself was pretty fun and somewhat challenging which was a pretty nice surprise considering the last content release put up as much of a fight as a Tiananmen Square protester in ’89.



 54 pimps just pimpin’ some shit.