Realm of Insanity

RoI gives you the finger (literally)

Remember that one time where SoE promised something to The Combine server but then failed miserably at delivering that promise?  You know, like that one time where they told us TSS would open when we beat PoR but it ended up not happening till almost 2 months later.  Or that time we were promised an update timeline which never happened.  Or the time we were told we’d be able to participate in all of the living legacy raids but we only allowed to do two of them.  Or the time they told us a week before SoD opening that we would be getting made into a live server, yet it took them about 2 months before we were allowed to have server transfers to The Combine like all the rest of the live servers.  Or, going way back, the time when Quarm had to be killed 4 times before GoD was opened on The Sleeper server.

Yeah well, you would think that eventually we would get used to constantly getting abused by Sony, but for some reason we always hold out hope that maybe just one time they will do something right.  When the server merge was first announced in December many of us thought that Sony had finally stopped treating us like a redheaded step child.  We thought maybe, just maybe we would finally be treated with some sort of respect from Sony.  But alas, just a few hours before our scheduled and much needed server merge, Sony announced that they would yet again slap our server in the face by delaying the merge.  Moreover, they straight up lied to us about announcing the new date this week.  For some reason a lot of us still feel surprised by this blatant disrespect, but deep down we all knew something like this was going to happen.

Anyway, that’s enough about how bad Sony is, why don’t we talk about how awesome <Realm of Insanity> is.  Let’s see, since the last time this site was updated RoI has defeated two new Everquest monstars.  We kicked things off by slaying the Crystalline Tyranont last week and successfully protecting the dwarf leaders.  Note that it wasn’t our choice to save the dwarves, if we could have still gotten the loot and killed the dwarves, we definitely would have let the stunties get rickrolled.  Then, earlier this week we defeated Pallorax, the Soul Slayer in Korafax, earning some big fancy items.  All this while we’re still raiding with high 30s or low 40s because incompetent Sony hasn’t merged us yet.  Oh well, at least this way we don’t need to farm as many tower keys!

Enough QQ, now it’s time for the pewpew~

Picking Up Where We Left Off

After a week or so of light raiding to celebrate the holidays, <Realm of Insanity> picked up right where we left off by defeating all of Tier 2 SoD this week.  First we successfully slayed the evil members of the Kaesora council.  The next night we headed over to Kurn’s Tower to retrieve an important dragon bane weapon.  Later that same night we went to Field of Scale and helped the Ring of Scale fend off the Sebillisian Empire.  Pretty legit considering exactly one year ago we were killing Mayong Mistmoore for the first time.  We’ve come a long way since then to say the least.  It’ll be pretty interesting to see how fast the rest of SoD falls once we can fill up a raid after the server merge.

Which reminds me, if you are currently on Druzzil Ro (or any server) and want to app to RoI please get in contact with Calixto as soon as possible.  If Calixto is not online you can also talk to Gindainy or Swag.  And now, here is picture proof of our triumphs this week.