Realm of Insanity

Happy Holidays

Realm of Insanity wishes everyone to have a good time on the holidays.

Enjoy yourselves and see you back for Mayong’s demise when everyone returns.

Mayong Mistmoore

Sup Mayong! What happend to your friends?

Ever seen a train hit a stranded car on the tracks? Something similar happend to Demiplane tonight.

Mayong Mistmoore’s time is short, Prophecy of Ro beckons.

Performer Defeated

Performer Win Text

Roley Defeated

Roley Loot

Tris Wallow III Defeated

Tris Wallow III Loot

Redfang SLAIN! Epic 2.5s AHOY! All Aboard!

Today was a GREAT day. With some superb raid leadership and guild coordination we have slain Redfang and unlocked Tier 2 in Demiplane. Let the Epic 2.5 and bane farming begin!




But wait… that is not all!

We trudged on, deeper into Demiplane!

The strategy for Devlin required a dozen seals, Vinto BEAR ROARING, and the tard Cartman episode of South Park played on repeat.

We came up with these two strategies:

As you can see above, we placed Devlin squarely on this chair here for about half the fight.

This one was the winner, we all went Vah Shir which turned the tide for the worse for Sir Devlin.