Realm of Insanity

A crazy Month

Sorry for the lack of updates, had a lot of shit happen this month. Last you saw the Realm of Insanity had just beaten event 2 in solteris, fast forward a month or so and Solteris has been defeated. Theres far too much loot to link but I’ll include a screenshot of some goodies. We had a great week recieving our first wins over commodus and 2 gods, beating 2 gods in 7 attempts. We’re now all busy leveling, factioning, keying, cybering, etc-ing in the Secrets of Faydwer as we come one step closer to being a top guild gamewide.

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Recruitment is pretty tight atm, fielding a strong force, however we’re looking for a cleric or two and a druid. We may also consider other exceptional applicants. Send tells to Bigpop, Shennron, or Bazoinks in game if you’re interested.