Realm of Insanity

Option Paralysis

Yo everyone. Nothing to see here unless of course you want to see recruitment, in which case:


As you might have noticed by the subtle graphic above, we’re looking for a few good people to fill up our ranks. For a limited time only, we’re looking for the following classes:

High Demand

  • Cleric (1)

Mid Demand

  • Bard (1)
  • Druid (1)
  • Magician (1)
  • Shaman (2)

If you think you have the skills, the agility…the skagility to join Realm of Insanity, the #1 EverQuest guild in the world, then send a tell to Qulas and get that ball rolling. If you are otherwise deemed An Undesirable, you can always check us out every Sunday night on our Twitch channel ( and raid vicariously through the eyes of The Chosen. We hope to see you or have you see us soon!