Realm of Insanity

Click the damn book!

Veil of Alaris: A new continent, with new content.

We’ve wasted no time with progression..

The new raids have refined our skills in:

  • Bumper-karts.
  • Playing with dolls action figures.
  • Punching sharks in noses.
  • Clicking the damn book.

And we get to keep doing it for a month. At least it’s not keys though… Right?

See ya in Tier 3!

‘Twas the night before Alaris

VoA Banner

Veil of Alaris is upon us.

Excitement abounds as the new expansion presents itself to the Everquest world tomorrow. I can honestly say that I have never been prouder of the group of people that I call guildmates, and friends. I am absolutely looking forward to each and every one of the challenges that will be presented, and the victories that will follow said challenges with the only guild that I am proud to call home.

Trophy Case

Our trophy case, as you can see, has a vacant slot. We are planning on filling this with another first place gold trophy. The previous two expansions, coincidentally the only two that Realm of Insanity was a current content guild for, were conquered with unbridled ferocity, unparalleled speed, and unimaginable dedication. Qualities that this guild has thrived on and will continue to do so.

The domination of Alaris begins tomorrow. Please enjoy the show.