Realm of Insanity

RIP Brad Ryan Wisniewski ( Carnon )


It fills me with great regret to inform you that today we lost one of our own, Brad Ryan Wisniewski, known to many as Carnon.

Though Brad was only with us a short time, he made a good impression on everyone he interacted with, and was always willing to
lend a hand.

One of the last things Carnon said to me was the following:

[Sun Feb 16 23:57:34 2014] Carnon tells you, ‘thank you so much bro… not even counting the crazy loot tonight… i feel really at home here and am very happy… i enjoy logging in … not felt that way in a long time … thanks for giving me the chance… you have made the game fun for me again’

No Carnon, thank you for giving our guild a shot at having you in it. Thank you for always keeping the positive side of things in any negative situation. Thank you for everything.

Brad served in the United States Navy, was an avid Ravens fan, and was a great cleric. As a whole, Realm of Insanity will remember Brad, and
we are thankful for the time we had with him.

We extend our deepest condolences to his friends, family, and loved ones in this time of grief.

Rest in peace, Brad (Carnon).