Realm of Insanity

Dropping The Anchor

The anchor has been planted.  <Realm of Insanity> ‘s beloved guild banner has been firmly planted at the feet of Brell Serilis and clearly in the lead of the Underfoot progression race.  With our victory over Brell’s Trial: Creation we put ourselves undisputedly in first place once again.  When we first tried this raid, I thought it was retardedly unbalanced, but after a lot of practice I learned to love it.  It really is one of the better designed raids in recent memory and was a ton of fun to figure out and beat.  So much fun in fact, that Swag even told the guild if we beat the raid last night, that we would all get nudes of Philphans.   He may be a lot of things, but he isn’t a liar, so without further ado I give you more of Philphans than most of you will ever want to see.

For more information about becoming a member, and getting access to the rest of this picture, get in touch with Qulas, Swag, or Gindainy as soon as possible.  Spots are filling up faster than ever!

Here are the loots that we found in the chest, followed by a screenshot of us (and the anchor), and finally some quotes.







update brells2

update brells3

Another Week, Another Kill

<Realm of Insanity> got another T7 kill this week by defeating Brell’s Trials: Deconstruction.  If you want to join the pain train known as RoI you need to get in contact with Qulas, Swag, or Gindainy very soon because space will be limited once the server merges happen.  Here is a list of what we are looking for and a screenshot of our win:

Bard – 2
Necromancer 1-2
Wizard 1-2

Rogue 1

Shaman 1