Realm of Insanity

Want to raid in The Buried Sea?

After demolishing TSS Realm of Insanity is currently recruiting the following classes:

1-2 Wizards

2 Shamans

2 Rogues

1-2 Berserkers

1-2 Clerics

If you think you might be interested do not hesitate to send Sanq, Bigpop, Atnuob, or Shennron a tell in game. We currently have tons and tons of TSS visible armor waiting just for you!


The Serpent’s Spine Defeated

After a little over a month Realm of Insanity has completed the demolition of TSS. Five attempts in Lethar 2.0 falls to RoI in all of his glory. After we finished with Lethar we went and took out the Griffon Master in Ashengate East and completed what we thought would be the final mob on the progression timeline…apparently we were wrong, as we still didn’t get a message for The Buried Sea, however I’m sure that will be fixed soon (no one likes you Maddoc). With all that said here are some pictures, and recruitment is still open for some classes as we look to fill our expeditions for Solteris.


A month passes….

And The Serpent Spine is all but laid to waste. In the past month the realm has been busy, we’ve gotten ourselves flagged for Frostcrypt 1, Frostcrypt 2, Ashengate East, North and West. In the process we one shot Odeen and Vergalid. With more than half the expansion on farm status with only AG: North left to clear we’ve done quite well for ourselves picking up tons of runes, augs, and armor molds.




RECRUITMENT: Realm Of Insanity is currently Looking for

2 Wizards

2 Rogue

2 Cleric

1-2 Bards

1 Beastlord

1 Shaman (the shaman must be able to be ONTIME to raids)

Also considering exceptional Applicants in other classes. Send a tell to Sanq, Bigpop, Shennron, or Atnuob in game for any questions. If you are considering applying remember the most important thing to do is an app is play everquest and have an upbeat attitude.