Realm of Insanity


is self explanatory.


P.S. Notice how I sat out of badgers like a champ.

No Beastlords + No Vah Shir = Dead Bugs

So right now a lot of guilds are struggling to beat The Cliknar Hive Guardians, aka Arthicrex 1.  Well, <Realm of Insanity> has figured out the strat, so if you don’t like spoilers I suggest you leave our site now.  The strat is simple, just kick all the beastlords and vah shirs out of your guild, zone in to Arthicrex, and a chest will appear.  This is what RoI did tonight, giving us another serverwide first.  If you don’t believe me look at the following screenshot, it speaks for itself.


When we opened the chest, this is what we found.





We then ventured farther into the cave and found our next encounter.  We’ll be working on this one for the next little while as we continue to farm all previous UF content and get ourselves keyed for the next tier.


Before reading this post, I suggest that everyone visits and watches the video for 3 hours straight.

Ok, now you all have a taste of what <Realm of Insanity> has been up to for the last few weeks.  On various occasions, we spent 3+ hours killing over 120 badgers, only to have the event reset on us when we had no idea how close we were to the final boss.  Our members were having nightmares about endless badgers, but all the aside we were still having fun working with the event and making progress every time we worked on it.  We were excited to hear that the time constraints on the event were being lowered so that it would take closer to half an hour, but we weren’t expecting the brutal beating this event took from the gimp stick.  We walked into the revamped version yesterday and had a chest within 20 minutes of zoning in.  Several other guilds did the same, making it abundantly clear that this event is simply way too easy now.

Making the fight not take 3 hours was a good change, but making every mob hit for 1/4 as much made this fight doable by a MMM guild.  It would be nice if the devs would go back again and make this event both challenging and beatable, but we all know that’s unlikely.  Nonetheless, RoI still got the first kill for this and the fact that we were three times farther than any other guild was on the original version of the event makes the serverwide first not seem so insignificant.  I know no one will read this anyway, so without anymore pussy-footing around, here are some pictures (I was honestly too busy laughing to get a pic of the chest, deal with it).



The Wrath of RoI

Tonight, the world learned that The Wrath of RoI is superior to The Wrath of Brath raid event in Underquarry.  The event fell, giving us our first kill in the second half of Underfoot Tier 6.  Expect to see another longer update in the next week or so when we finally slay the god-forsaken badgers.

Recruitment Update- RoI is looking to fill a few roster spots.  Please get in contact With Qulas, Swag, or Gindainy as soon as possible if you are interested in applying.

Warrior- High Need

Rogue- High Need

Paladin- Medium Need

Cleric- Low Need