Realm of Insanity


467 days ago <Realm of Insanity> was the 20th guild to defeat the SoD expansion.  At the time, it felt to us like we were #1 in the game.  Well, this time we really are #1.  With our defeat of Brell’s First Creation on Saturday we became the first guild to defeated The Underfoot expansion.  To say that this accomplishment took everything we had would be an understatement.  I’m so proud of everyone past and present who helped with this.  It’s an incredible feeling to know that two years ago we were just some progression guild raiding Solteris and now we are the first guild to beat Underfoot.  It’s hard for words to describe how proud I am and how glad I am that I was apart of this guild and this legacy.  I’d like to personally thank all of the current Full Members on our roster:

Amarillis – You are a wonderful person and a great healer

Atnuob – You’ve been tremendously valuable to this guild over the years

Atvar – You’ve been bringing the deepus since 2007

Bakbreeker – You would literally do anything for anyone in this guild


Cantard – You were dedicated to making it in this guild, and you did

Cemandaar – Semendude is legit

Corlen – You do good work setting up WG/sloth assignments

Dafury – The random pictures you send me are awesome

Dalerian – You are a very good paladin

Dikki – You have good taste in music

Druth – No one in this guild has helped more people than you have

Elitor – Ruiz. Hi =)

Fledar – You are one of my best friends man, I really enjoy talking to you

Freeks – You are a good cleric

Ganando – The guild wasn’t the same without you, glad you came back

Goatflesh – You do work on the front line

Gulth – We still miss you buddy

Hadce – I love it when you yell at me in one of your drunk rants

Haid – You’ve really impressed me in the last month

Izanami – Name change back to Phaex

Karian – You are an incredibly solid player

Keaile – Anyone who raids when the power is out is an automatic badass

Keriath – You are such a cutie, come to Maryland =)

Lilbitbad – You do more work than any other enchanter in the game

Llyiada – You’ve never missed a raid in your time here

Loperz – Your rants are amazingly entertaining

Madrix – Your raid attendance is stellar

Moordred – Putting clothes on them makes it okay, right?

Mykaylla – Your knowledge of this game is phenomenal

Neddac – You are an ok guy

Niya – We are 100x better together than we could ever be by ourselves. I couldn’t ask for a better partner than you

Norika – You are the man Chad

Octank – I’m really glad you came back man

Philphans – I know you wanted this victory more than anyone

Pudg – Always there when something needs tanked

Pyro – You straightened out your shit and became an asset to this guild

Qulas – You’ve done some amazing recruiting work, I’m very impressed

Rathaz – You are way cooler now as a zerker, I’m really glad you switched

Ritttz- You do good work man

Rune – I wish you would talk more, but you are good as shit

September – One word. MEGAPHONE

Shem – You are Veck, only slightly better

Shiftee – You were a pro on Event 6 Converteum

Sottovoce – It was a lot of fun hanging out with you in April and you are a good bard.

Stinkee – Your tenure here shows a lot of character

Strangle – You’ve never complained about anything and you raid every day, I can’t ask for more than that

Survivar – For being French you aren’t that bad =)

Swag – Damn man, we did it.  I could have never made it this far without you, and neither could this guild

Szeria – You are the best bitch I know

Tiberiia – You are pretty cool

Trazek – I like you, you’re a good guy

Wonton – You are pretty decent for a shitty monk

Yinta – I can always rely on you when I need to

Zild – #1 drunk wizard in EQ

Zuuel – You are always anxious to tank stuff

And to everyone else who has helped us along the way, thank you for all you have done.

Here are the pictures of us during our epic win:

first creation

first creation2

update conv

A Tier Above The Rest

<Realm of Insanity> has defeated all of the Tier 7 Underfoot raids with our victory over An Audience With Brell Serillis last night.  Another game-wide first for us as a guild.  Great work everyone and expect to see us with Converteum wins very soon!

brell win

brell lockout