Realm of Insanity

TSS A Myth?

It is coming closer and closer to a month since we completed the requirements to open TSS. We waited patiently for a long time, but it has far surpassed the amount of time it should take to get this resolved. This makes me recall certain incidents of development planning such as Luclin end game not being completed on expansion release, or how about Planes of Power being cockblocked on The Rathe Council for months because they were still developing Plane of Time. Or maybe Gates of Discord Qvic quest just being plainly incomplete on GoD release.

We joined on Combine to relive the fond memories of our past times and to experience those moments again, but please, spare us the incomplete content and the bad excuses. Open TSS. Now.

Posted on EQ boards here.

Edit: Apparently the devs saw it fit to outright delete my post on that thread. Their true colors shine.