Realm of Insanity

Who is Realm of Insanity?

Allow me to introduce ourselves. We are Realm of Insanity.

If you have been following the EverQuest progression over the last few years, you may have heard of us. In Underfoot, Realm of Insanity was introduced as a fluke. That newb progression server guild. They just got lucky, right?

Then came House of Thule. House of Thule was a critical point – Were these guys a one hit wonder, or were they truly a force to be reckoned? With reputation at stake, they rose to the challenge. Win after win, Realm of Insanity maintained on top; Realm of Insanity was number one.

And finally, Veil of Alaris. If there were any doubts about Realm of Insanity’s superiority, it ended January 10th. Not only a serverwide first expansion clear, but several other credentials were marked as well.. We defeated all tier four raids, before any other guild beat any. We beat thirteen of the fourteen raids before anyone else, while still enjoying an EverQuest free Christmas.

Basically, we’re awesome.

But enough about us. Let’s travel back, and look at the raids that lead us to this point.

Congratulations Everyone. We dominated that expansion. There’s simply no words to describe it. The entire guild rose up and came together in true RoI fashion.

And that’s all for Veil of Alaris, except a special thank you to these six people. Never in my EverQuest career have I met such a dedicated and efficient leadership team. Excellent work, we did it.

Stuff my guild says:

P.s.: Fuck books.