Realm of Insanity

The Broken Mirror

The Broken Mirror

EverQuest’s 22nd expansion, The Broken Mirror, is right around the corner and < Realm of Insanity > is currently preparing to dominate it. In preparation for this we are opening recruitment, now is your chance to get in and see what the best in the game has to offer. You can view our recruitment threads here for more information: Recruitment Forums

We are currently looking for the following:

High need:

    Beastlord (1)
    Ranger (1-2)
    Shaman (1)

Medium need:

    Berserker (1)
    Cleric (1-2)

While we are currently seeking these classes we always consider exceptional players from any class, contact Xegony.Qulas if you’re ready to take the next step in EverQuest raiding, or if you have any questions.