Realm of Insanity

Raid progression for House of Thule

With the devs doing an uh oh we can’t have the expansion beat before January and removing the raid giver for MC. We are stuck in farm mode of tier 3 and collecting the new Sanctus Key.

Yes!! We get to key the guild for the 3rd time in the past month and a half.  So With nothing new to post raidwise …. Here are 5,000 naked Australians from earlier this year.


On the home front. Here are various screen shots of our guildmates houses. 

Kelvaen’s house. I think he stole it from Kelethin. 


Our humble monks wall

Kamarag’s House. Equipped with a slide.

Mykaylla’s great Library

I can keep posting. Lots of pics i took… but we will save those for another update.

Recruitment :  If you are exceptional and can hang with the big boys. These are the classes we are looking for the most and their priority.


Medium: Bard  (1)


If you are a highly skilled raider and want to be a part of the best guild in EQ then send a tell to Qulas or Swag

Drifting right along

With the deaths of Al’Kabor, Miragul and the Guardian of the house.. RoI is again in the hunt to finish the expansion first. Raids like the ritual of terror and tick tock are already a distant memory…Tier 2 went by in a blur. Unfortunately HoT=SoD part2

Too many boss mobz and lootz to post.. so instead some random screen shots of Tier 3 below .

While Roi is not raiding some of our members kick the crap out of the group game as well. Here are our FIRST two BUNNIES!

What fuels our success? MCRIB!

Gdamn this makes me hungry. Gindainy expect another text soon 😛

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