Realm of Insanity

Only you can help stop the push now.

Who needs emp keys? Oh yeah, every other guild but us!


Again as predicted, Aten took a face dive into the pavement, and I’ll be making sure that the bazaar is well fed with food, those traders sure get hungry. All that remains is to load some beastlord with tunics, as the only guild that does any progression around here, we’ll probably have to farm them up yet again, plus there are a few guilds that need to start taking on expanion – 1 content, cause you need to be lvl 65 to take down shei, and ssra trash mobs. Don’t worry we’ll hook you up with more gear and levels from PoP.
Here some more pics of loot no one else will see until we break open PoP, enjoy!



Fine, I’ll update the damn website!

As promised, Emperor was next, pictured here being given a Lidden Tumbler:


After only 8 days of keying, we were ready to take down this giant scaley penis. He died in perfectly executed fashion, and we placed yet another whore on the farming checklist. Aten Ha Ra dies this week meaning will PoP be soon open!? Actually no it will not, unless you slack ass guilds get 3 beastlord SoV bps.
Instead, we will go from our niche killing and keying to dominating the entire fucking server (yet again) Thus if you don’t put in the effort to open PoP we will ensure that shit stays dead serverwide. Thusly: go farm us some leather tunics, if you want we’ll even send our lvl 60’s beastlords over to loot it 😉 This will continue until we are bored out of our fucking minds, and/or have no gear to upgrade our lvl 1 vah shir characters.
And finally, 25% of what the guild has looted since last update:


Lydrea, GM of the year

Just when we were about to go slay Innoruuk for the second time, Lydrea had the good chance to fix one of our guildmates’ name, after turning us into gnomes (god we hate you) and some fun chat SoL decided to open up. (god we love you) Now, I know it wasn’t Lydrea that pressed the magic button but as the only GM left from the old school days we can pretend it was all you! Much thanks to the to devs, we’ve been quite busy slaying things because of your efforts. As a humble offering please take this shmear of loots! All that’s left is Emp himself, and Aten. They die next, stayed tuned!



I’ve submitted a few tickets for hackers, and I do get replies but as I’ve discovered its always the stock reply with the zone name changed to correspond with the ticket. One tip however, when you respond to a ticket about hackers in ssra, don’t put in the ticket Temple of Solusek Ro, especially on a Progression server. Since 90% of all tickets are now resolved when you are coincidently offline, and just filled in with stock answers, GM’s lose a lot of respect. Most likely, GMs primarily have a PR problem instead of an issue with laziness, or uncaring. Nonetheless, this guy gave us a nice laugh after warping for a few minutes and getting slain in hilarious fashion. How about getting him off our server eh?


Why open Luclin? PoP is already farm status.

Who needs Ntov when you can kill PoP difficulty raid mobs? Innoruuk latest incarnation is lvl 75, this means no slow, no caster dps. and retarded



OH! Maestro has died like 3 times now, what a pussy.