Realm of Insanity

To Qvic!


Looks like we don’t even need to take on any apps from The Sleeper! We look to welcoming you guys that are apping, with our powers combined……….
Stay away from the heterosexual homosexual Hunter (of penis) Sanc Youranus.


Nuff Said.


We’ve also been getting a HUGE number of inquiries into joining RoI when the servers merge, we’re at the point where we will be fairly selective, please try to get in your app before the merge to have the best shot at getting a spot. (Sorry! only 54 for expeditions)

Thank you Iksar Heroes!

Sources indicate 7 Iksar supermen, quite possibly the true Ubermensch of this world, have slain a four headed beast and allowed us to loot the spoils. RoI thanks you for your efforts and welcomes your glorious return to our realm.