Realm of Insanity

Combine raiders, WRU?

Realm of Insanity is currently recruiting for all classes looking for people who WANT to RAID. The current requirements are level 65 with some certain AAs suggested but not necessarily required. We will be doing a full ele reflag starting on January 27th in order to help new apps get geared up quickly. We raid from 4-9PST(7-12EST) 6 nights a week with Wednesday as our static offday. We are currently farming ele planes/time/ikkinz1-3 as well as working on progressing through the rest of the Gates of Discord expansion. If you want to be on the forefront of Combine progression, meet the requirements, and have a desire to raid, please check our forums for further information and send a tell in game to Sanc or Elucid or PM us on our forums.

Time to lay waste to GoD

Holidays are over, time to start laying waste to Norrath yet again! We’ve been working on Ikkinz, and we’ll be challenging Uqua and on to the glorious loot farm that Qvic is! To do so we need some players with no lives just like us! Who needs a college degree when you can have your name on the Progression server boards! If you think like we do please head over and apply to become a member. We’ll accept applications for any class right now, really the only attributes you need to have are dedication, high AA’s and high playtime, and an ability to not suck donkey balls at this game. Otherwise I hear WoW is having a new expansion coming out, go check them out! Till then, we’d be happy to have you join us on the path to more destruction, we are after all end-game fuckheads.

Remember, only you can help fight terrorists, Like Overlord Mata Muram… or Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax… and at the budget 1/billionth the size of most conventional armies. Please your country needs you!