Realm of Insanity

Christmas in April

Twas the Day of the Shadow, And all through Norrath,

RoI was preparing, Even Sottovoce.

The shawl aug equipped after only an hour,

In hopes of a developer reverting its power.


The raiders were hustled all snug in their chairs,

While the excitement of content rose their hairs.

With Euros looming and the others close,

Soon to start raiding with all of their bros.


When the UCS crashed with such a clatter,

We sprang from the hall to begin the splatter.

To Shellfish they raced in such a flash,

Burning children, stealing their cash.


The bugs of the zone puzzled ‘ole Luftt,

Eventually finding the pet must be snuffed.

Then what to his eyes were greeted,

Yellow declaring,“Task Stage Completed.”


With the adventurers poised to begin,

Faster than selos, raiders rushing in.

5 dings of the clock, and raids had begun,

Qulas texted, and told them to run!


On Veshin! On Klak! On Hembra and Poyo!

Log in clerics, before Fllint brings Malfo.

To the banner! Say ‘Ready’ to zone,

“Raidtime! It’s time to own!”


As we walk into the arena, the crowd starts to shout.

We soon discover what this fight is about.

The crowd boos, saying ‘too fast!’

The necros are forced not to cast.


His gear was the best, until recently seen.

Any guild using merit, knows what I mean.

The chest spawns, with loot to award.

Congrats Foob, on your brand new sword.


Luclin shouts as she ascends through the stage,

Delighted to be released from her cage.

The final piece of Cazic rests her in her domain.

To retrieve the power, someone must be slain.

As Luclin falls, and begins her moonwalk,

Back to her chair we resume to talk.

Is there any way to bypass this pointless lore?

Give us the loot, you stupid whore.

We soon realize the flaw in our plan,

Finishing the release the day it began.

We must raid and farm these items galore,

All while wondering, ‘When’s tier four?’