Realm of Insanity

Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants

Yo everyone. Do I even need to say it at this point? Get your shocked faces ready: This website update is late. How late? Well, we did all this shit on Nov 12th. In fairness, when you really think about it, “late” is a subjective term isn’t it? Most people might consider “a week” late but you have to remember you’re talking to a guy that delayed a website update for an entire year. So if you ask me, this shit is 51 weeks early. My logic is bullet proof.


So what did we do on Nov 12th that is so worthy of note? We finally broke through the arbitrary flagging barrier and progressed to Events 2, 3, 4 and that other bonus level raid and promptly killed them, securing yet another gamewide first and further establishing ourselves as the Greatest Guild in the Universe but fuck all that, there is cooler shit happening deep within The Darkened Sea.

A few of us were fucking around on Thuliasaur Island – did you guys know there is an island packed full of fucking dinosaurs in this shit? Dinosaurs. Shit is rad. Anyway, we’re out there just basking in their awesome dino-presence when this named dinosaur rolls up on us all hardcore. His name was Reginasaur aka Reggie aka Reggie Washington aka Reggie “I smoke rocks” Washington. We tried to be cool but Reggie started trippin and we had to smack the teeth directly out of his mouth. Unfortunately for us, Reggie smoked the AC right off his teeth. Crack is whack, Reggie. Get it together.

Reggie Allahs

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “What in the dino-fuck are you even talking about?”, just hear me out. I’ve explored The Darkened Sea up and down; the group shit, the raid shit and everything in between and I will maintain the opinion that an imaginary afro-saurus that smokes crack named Reggie Washington is the best thing this expansion has to offer and I dare anyone to show me something from this expansion cooler than Reggie. I mean when 6 of us are out questing in this shitpit and we’re forced to make up ridiculous backstories for named mobs just to not literally die of boredom, this shit sucks. Anyway, lets recap the raid events we dominated. Click the loot below to see the stats if you’re into that sort of thing:

Principal Quastori Numicia, Event 2

Ira Facius Lamna Felicis Festinata Lemmai Darkwater Armguards Greater Essence of the Citadel Image Map

Principal Vicarum Nomia, Event 3

Letum Anulium Anulia Vicarum Vifensa Vifensa Darkwater Armguards Median Essence of the Citadel Median Essence of the Citadel Elder Source of Creation Image Map

Principal Indagatrix Lucia, Event 4

Collio Unguisis Lumbia Scribia Proculias Frendia Darkwater Bracer Repentia Greater Essence of the Citadel Elder Source of Creation Image Map

Praetor Vitio, Loot PiƱata #2

Earring of the August Scindio Proculias Darkwater Armguards Darkwater Bracer Parogressio Greater Essence of the Citadel Glowing Essence of the Citadel Minor Essence of the Citadel Median Essence of the Citadel Image Map

Once we finish repeating these raids enough times to meet the arbitrary requirements to progress, we’ll have fresh kills and late updates for you. Check back soon! XOXO