Realm of Insanity

Endless Apocalypse

Yo everyone. I’ve put this off for a couple of days [editor’s note: 9 days], and I don’t even want to be doing it now. Not because I don’t love writing website updates; it’s just hot as the devil’s dick in this room right now and I’m sweating balls. Balls. But tonight I’m not writing this update alone, I’m writing it with Uncle Carlo. Nothing is more motivating than a few of pints of red shit-wine and Uncle Carlo gonna tell you right now. Right now.

Uncle Carlo Grapes

So we’ve thoroughly kicked the balls off of Call of the Forsaken, maintaining our reign of terror happiness as the #1 undisputed EverQuest guild in the entire world; all challenges met and abruptly fisted. So we turned our attention to the Plane of War raid, The Brothers Zek. This is one of those super challenging raids made even more challenging because it was hastily released with little or no care given if anyone could actually beat it or not. An absolute shocker, I know. When SoE squats down and pinches out a raid like that, most guilds usually just go into a sort of holding pattern where they kind of learn the raid while they wait for the inevitable nerf or fix to happen and then run in, beat it and pretend like they’re balls are so big. Well guess what? That shit ain’t happening this time.


Uncle Carlo is here to tell you that your friends over here at Realm of Insanity became the first guild in the entire universe to beat that fucking raid, 47 days after it was released. By now, we’re all used to expansions and raids getting their shit pushed in mere hours after release so this raid taking 47 days to beat says something – that shit ain’t easy. It took everything we had but we worked on it over and over and over again and just kept chipping away until we got it. I’m sure that there are other guilds right around the corner, ready to become the second guild in the entire universe to beat this brutal raid and subsequently the #2 guild in the entire universe.



Hot of the presses, son: Realm of Insanity becomes the second guild in the entire universe to beat this brutal raid making them the undisputed #1 and #2 guild in all of EverQuest and/or universe. Shit’s getting wild. Don’t fret, there is a spot still open and accepting applications. Simply zone into the Plane of War and speak with Jorgar the Pacifist to begin your quest at becoming the #3 guild in the entire universe.



Check back soon to find out who gets the coveted #3 spot in a heated competition for Best Guilds in the Universe. I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with Helm of Insanity.