Realm of Insanity

The Tier Above

Thus far, Veil of Alaris has been a test of three things:

  1. 1.Your ability to count five days on a calendar.
  2. 2.Your ability to click a book.
  3. 3.Your ability to raid Saturday mornings.

Thankfully, SoE added a fourth requirement:

  1. 4.Your ability to actually play EverQuest.

We’re still working on the third one.. Results to be determined.

Anyway, after sleeping in last Saturday, we ventured to Pandora The Beast’s Domain.

Here, we encountered several Na’Vi Alarans.

They seemed to have a draw to a Tree of Souls big tree.

But, the pesky Earthlings Norrathians insisted on doing damage.

And.. Well, the analogy breaks here, as Avatar didn’t have any retarded T-Rex Reindeer. But, a great win nonetheless.

Next up, Rubak Oseka.

As you can see, there’s some kind of Occupy Wallstreet Alaris drum circle occuring. Luckily, Realm of Insanity is the 1%.

(Note: Yes.. That’s the group mission in Rubak. They’re the same, go fuck yourself if you noticed)

Finally, Resplendent Temple.

Resplendent Temple brought back the feeling of accomplishment after defeating a raid; The feeling of greatness. It filled the void the rest of the expansion has been leaving.

There are few words to describe the emotion after this win.

We left energized, and ready for Tier Four.