Realm of Insanity

The First of Many

The title of this post is in reference to two things.

1) Tonight <Realm of Insanity> became the first guild serverwide to defeat The Beast Below raid in Cooling Chambers.

2) This serverwide first we achieved tonight was our first as a guild, and trust me there will be many more to come.

We couldn’t have beat this fight without some legit teamwork from everyone in the guild.  I’d like to thank everyone in the guild who helped make this possible.

Quick side track for recruitment, then I’ll get on to the pictures.  RoI is currently looking for Shamans, Wizards, and Warriors.  If you play one of these classes and are interested in being the best, then please send a tell to Qulas, Swag, or Gindainy as soon as possible.

And now, here are the pics.






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