Realm of Insanity

Epic Victory

Epic Victory.  It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot these days.  Somehow even the simplest things can be considered ‘epic victories’ nowadays.  But this week something happened that was truly an epic victory in every sense of the words.  On March 23 <Realm of Insanity> defeated the Edge of Destruction event and therefore completed every raid event in the Seeds of Destruction expansion.  We were the 20th guild server wide to defeat the expansion.

Socrates once said, “It’s the journey, not the destination.”  This quote accurately describes what RoI has been through the last 6 months.  Right now we are at the same place as 19 other guilds in Everquest, but the journey we took to get there is vastly different than those other guilds.  The journey we’ve been on the last 6 months has been remarkable, and perhaps the only thing more remarkable than what has happened to us is where we ended up.  What we have managed to accomplish amidst the constant disrespect we have endured from Sony is nothing short of amazing and I can say that I am truly honored that I was a part of it.  Even though beating the actual raid content of this expansion was nothing at all to brag about, everything else that we have endured and accomplished really is something to brag about.  Having SoD open just 2 months after SoF was released on our server, seeing 15 of our best raiders leave the game because of this, trying to survive on a server that doesn’t have enough players to fully occupy a movie theater, raiding with between 34 and 42 people every night for 6 months straight, seeing our much needed merge get delayed five hours before it was scheduled to happen, and then waiting around helplessly as Sony gave us no information at all about it for weeks.  These are just a few of the challenges this guild had to survive.  But not only did we survive them, we progressed through them.

To be completely honest, I’m not even entirely sure how we managed to do all this, but I do know one thing for sure.  There was no way in hell any one of us could have done it alone.  There’s no I in team.  It took every single one of us working together to get where we are.  That being said, there are a few certain people I would like to thank specifically.  If you aren’t mentioned it certainly doesn’t mean you didn’t contribute, just means I got tired of typing.  Also, I know Swag already did this, but this one is from me.

Atnuob- You are a good friend and one of the best knights I’ve ever seen

Atvar- Thanks for being the good necro

Dalarian- Even though you weren’t here for it, you helped tremendously along the way

Dareaver- You’ve stuck with this guild longer than anyone, I respect your loyalty

Druth- You are always willing to help someone, no matter who they are or how busy you are

Duurras- Thanks for the mod rods

Fledar- <F K U Gindainy> 😀

Gamgan- Paragon is legit, cast it on me more often

Gulth- We’ll never forget you buddy <3

Hadce- Your versatility is crucial to this guild

Jalesk- I’m pretty sure you helped us behind the scenes more than I really know about

Liddar- I miss playing with you, stop by and say hi sometime soon

Loperz- If not for you, I would have never known how awesome Domino’s Sandwiches are

Luikan- CK is a beast of a man

Mallakar- I know I give you a lot of shit, but you’re a good player

Mastiphal- The other good necro

Miko- Thanks for always talking to me

Norika- You’re the model guild member

Octank- You’re the closest thing we’ll ever have to another Jaera (trust me that’s a compliment)

Philphans- You’re the morale of the guild

Porcinet- You’re the best french canadian I know

Quirky- Not nearly as bad as Veck

Seli- Silent assassin (not as good as Dizrey, but close)

Shennron- Thanks for putting up with all my bullshit

Snarez- You aren’t quite as bad as I always say you are

Squish- Representing Team Asia since 2007

Ssrath- Deguilding you is the key to victory

Strangle- Officer Dangle ftw

Swag- Nothing I can say here could do you justice

Sweetkakes- You are the nicest sweetest person I’ve ever met

And last but not least I want to thank all of my fellow clerics.  I was going to mention you all individually, but when I thought about it I think it’s better that we get acknowledged together.  Moreso than any other class we really rely upon each other.  Our teamwork is so key to our success that we might as well all be one single entity.  Niya, Veck, Foxbury, Badsdoc, and Patchers I love you guys.

The only thing this post needs now is some pictures of epicness, so here you go.