Realm of Insanity

Another Trophy For RoI

Last you heard from <Realm of Insanity> we were hours away from the much anticipated server merge between The Combine and Druzzil Ro.  I am happy to report that pretty much everything went well with the merge.  There are a few bugs (hi Duurras), but overall it went smooth and we are grateful that it happened.  So far we’ve been able to add quite a few quality people to our ranks which should prove helpful as we make our push to finish off the SoD expansion.

So that brings me to our next point, finishing SoD.  RoI currently has something like 30ish Tower Keys so we decided that this week would be a good time to start playing around in Tower of Discord.  God knows the rest of this expansion can be beat with 36 or less, why would the final zone be any different?  Wednesday and Thursday of this week 36 RoI members adventured into the Tower of Discord and came out with a new trophy for our mantle.  I can say that I personally found the events to be pretty fun and unique, but it is obvious that they are way undertuned.  It’s kind of sad that events in the endzone of this expansion can be beaten with 36, but maybe it’s just because we’re that damn good?  Either way, facts are facts, and Events 1 and 2 are down.  Expect more Tower events to fall soon…

Recruitment-  As expected, the server merge has provided us with an influx of new applicants to RoI.  Our ranks are starting to fill up quickly, but we still have quite a few spots open for quality apps.  If you are interested in applying to RoI please check out the recruitment section of our forums and contact Gindainy in game for more information.