Realm of Insanity

Dragonslaying 101

Everyone knows that the best part of EQ is slaying big scary dragons.  For the last 5 weeks <Realm of Insanity> has been hard at work farming Meldrath so that they could experience some of the dragon killing fun in Crystallos.  This week we decided we were sick of waiting around to join in on the fun and went into The Lair of the Awakened with only 30 people flagged.  We were expecting to go in there and get our ass kicked, but it turned out we couldn’t have been more wrong.  In just two days RoI managed to defeat all of the mini events free loot events and even slay our first dragon.  Our good friend Tjudawos was sleeping with the fishes by the end of Thursday night.  On our way there I managed to get what is quite possibly the coolest looking screenshot in Everquest history.

After staring in awe at the awesomeness that was the fire dragon Tjudawos, we remembered that the reason we were there was to slay dragons.  A few attempts later, the dragon was no more and we celebrated.  Here is a pic of the victorious RoI team and some of the loots we acquired on our first trip into Crystallos.


RoI is currently looking for the following classes

2 Rogues

2 Beserkers

2 Bards

1-2 Wizards

1 Beastlord

1 Warrior

2 Enchanters

2 Shamans

1 Ranger

Other classes are mostly closed, but if you feel that you are an above average applicant of another class exceptions may be made. Send a tell, pm, or in game email to to Gindainy or Swag if you want to learn more about joining RoI. Cross server applicants are also being accepted at this time.